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2007-11-24 08:41 pm
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warning: much crack

best friend introduced me to this addiction yesterday...

have fun! ^^
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2007-11-04 11:45 pm
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updated bookmarks journal

three times in one week! wOOt!

...of course, I should have been working on homework during the time I spent working on those entries...

follow the yellow brick road...follow follow folloooooow theyellowbrickroad!

why yes, i have consumed a large quanity of coffee today. how did you know?
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2007-01-20 05:20 pm
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(no subject)

Have updated the bookmark journal: Sanity's Escape
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2007-01-17 07:38 pm
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New Journal

I've created a separate journal solely for my bookmarks as well as a list of recommendations. You can find it here: Sanity's Escape

the title isn't very creative, and i haven't gone through my whole list yet, but it's a start! ^^

I'm trying to set it up ala leilani and the now defunct Guilty Pleasures except that along with the good!fics i am also including bad!fic and bad!smut.